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Door closers offer numerous advantages despite their simplicity. They play a crucial role in keeping fire-rated doors closed for safety purposes. By automatically completing the door after it has been opened, door closers ensure consistent closure. Similarly, they provide added security by ensuring that entrance doors are securely closed after each use, thereby protecting your property from potential intruders.

Door closers play a critical role in fire safety by ensuring that fire doors remain closed during a fire incident. Keeping flames and smoke contained facilitates safe evacuation from the building.

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Expert installation of door closers in Las Vegas

No matter the material of your apartment door, whether it’s wood, aluminum, glass, or any other type, our dedicated team of door experts will skillfully install your door closers. Sliding Doors is your comprehensive solution for door closer installation, equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to ensure precise and accurate installation for any door closer of your choice.

At Sliding Doors, we provide a diverse range of door closers, ensuring that a type is ideally suited to meet your specific requirements. Our selection includes surface-mounted and overhead door closers and concealed door closers that allow for a seamless appearance, hiding the mechanism. Our team of expert technicians will guarantee the professional fitting of the door closer, as improper installation would render the device ineffective.

Door Closers Installation & Repair in Las Vegas

Most door closers are equipped with dampers that offer a degree of control over the speed and force at which the door closes, providing a cushioning effect. This feature is particularly crucial for heavy doors, as it prevents potential damage from excessive force during closure.

Furthermore, door closers help reduce the risk of injuries to vulnerable individuals such as the elderly, small children, and those with disabilities. They often include a mechanism that restricts the door from being opened forcefully, especially in the event of solid winds affecting external doors. This precautionary feature prevents damage to the door frame and door itself, as well as potential injuries to individuals in the vicinity.